Any Colour You Like (by duc)

Main Information

Track Specifications
Name Any Colour You Like
Author duc
Category Extreme
Length 256m
Challenge Time 00:15.000 | 00:00.000
Practice Star No
Reversed No
javildesign Tutorial on Banked Curves
Textures Artemiy_Aka (hopefully not copyrighted)
Tools used
Blender 2.79 & 2.83 Modeling
Marv's Re-Volt Addon Exporting files
Krita Editing gfx and font files
Kate Editing text files


Any Colour You Like is a track that was created for a Track Competition hosted by Zeino. The point of November's challenge was to only have one texture file, which is 256*256. I thought about it a bit, "how can I put so much into such a small image file?". I ended up going with a texture that contains colors, because I thought it had potential. The way I found the texture was by searching "rainbow", and filtering results by image size to be exactly 256*256. And I feel the track ended up being quite nice! It's a short track, about 15 seconds, and it has a few banked curves. The track is fairly high-speed overall, including the 1 shortcut.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Furthermore, if you would like to make modifications to the track (for a tournament, etc.), I ask you to do it under a different name and folder name, to avoid conflicts and for it to be distinct. It is also requested that you mention the modifications done in a seperate readme file.


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Cars in the screenshots: Zipper, Toyeca

Contact (Bug reports, bug fixes, times for the leaderboard, ...)

Telegram (RECOMMENDED) @hajducsekb
Discord hajducsekb#3604
NOTE: You need to share a server with me, so Discord is not always the best option.
The Re-Volt Hideout hajducsekb
NOTE: I'm not that active on The Re-Volt Hideout, so it isn't a recommended choice.
Reddit u/ducsekbence

Leaderboard (Stock Pros) - please check the live version for the correct leaderboard

Normal Version
Pos Driver Time Car
1 Powerate 14.829 Toyeca
2 duc 14.906 Toyeca

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