Tropic Raceway (by duc)

Main Information

Track Specifications
Name Tropic Raceway
Author duc
Category Extreme
Length 600m
Challenge Time 00:42.200 | 00:57.500
Practice Star No
Reversed Normal version, but with rain
javildesign Lots of help with modeling, texturing
Lo Scassatore Textures
OhNej CiÄ…gnik, inc. poster
Kiwi Skybox (from School's Out! 2)
Berny, Frosttbitten, Nickurn, Zeino, Ryals Testing
MightyCucumber Acclaim F1 (modified by duc)
Kiwi, halo_one/Victor_Star/Boban, Nickurn, Zeino, duc Toyeca skins
Zeino Text on gfx
Tools used
Blender 2.79 & 2.83 Modeling
Marv's Re-Volt Addon Exporting files
Krita Assembling textures
Kate Editing text files
mmv Renaming all files in a folder


"(R) stands for Rain."
Tropic Raceway is a 600m long, fictional circuit track. The first half of the track is quite technical, while the last section is a long straight, which is also the start/finish straight. Before that, a fairly unique, banked last turn, which is also quite tight, it's a pretty tough challenge with most cars. The track comes in two variants, one is the normal/dry version, and the other is the (R), which has the same raceline, however, it's in the rain. The goal of the wet variant was to replicate slippery real life conditions. To have a good pace, you need to be really careful, and make sure to avoid the grass!
If you'd like to report a bug, see the contact information in the readme.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Furthermore, if you would like to make modifications to the track (for a tournament, etc.), I ask you to do it under a different name and folder name, to avoid conflicts and for it to be distinct. It is also requested that you mention the modifications done in a seperate readme file.

EXCEPTION: The track cannot be redistributed in any packs that are associated with the Re-Volt Online server.


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Cars in the screenshots: Hot Wheels 500 (by Phimeek), Toyeca, Prototype FX77 (by Xarc)


Contact (Bug reports, bug fixes, times for the leaderboard, ...)

Telegram (RECOMMENDED) @hajducsekb
Discord hajducsekb#3604
NOTE: You need to share a server with me, so Discord is not always the best option.
The Re-Volt Hideout hajducsekb
NOTE: I'm not that active on The Re-Volt Hideout, so it isn't a recommended choice.
Reddit u/ducsekbence

Leaderboard (Stock Pros) - please check the live version for the correct leaderboard

Normal (Dry) Version
Pos Driver Time Car
1 duc 42.087 Toyeca
2 EXAMPLE RACER 42.169 Humma
R (Rain) Version
Pos Driver Time Car
1 duc 59.233 Toyeca
2 EXAMPLE RACER 01:09.420 Cougar

Original Blueprint

Online readme, and time trial leaderboard

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